Olive oil is obtained from the olive grown on the tree. When the olive ripens, it turns from a green to a shiny black. But within its exterior is a golden form of liquid waiting to be extracted. Once crushed, ripe olives release a golden liquid that has become an important ingredient on the tables of Mediterranean and Aegean households for centuries.

This ingredient is a product treasured by all living throughout the Mediterranean region. The oil of these popular trees pleases the stomach and contributes to good overall health. Mediterranean and Aegean people have always referred to oil as “olive oil”.

Even to this day, the olive’s golden liquid remains unrivaled among oils. For centuries, the simple process of making olive oil has remained the untouched. The process starts with the trees’ branches being beaten by the harvesters until the olives fall to the ground. From there, they are gathered up to transport to the mill where they are crushed. Once the solids are removed from inside the oil, it is then separated from the water and sent through a cleanser that removes the dirt, leaves, and branches.

Today, olive oil is consumed worldwide with more than one billion trees planted. While olive oil is produced around the world, the Mediterranean climate favors the nurturing of olive trees. Ninety-five percent of the world’s olive oil comes from the Mediterranean  and Aegean region.

For many centuries, the Mediterranean diet has dependent on olive oil to improve the taste of many dishes. Medical studies have shown that people who follow a traditional Mediterranean diet enjoy significant proof in healthful benefits. The International Conference on the Healthy Effect of Virgin Olive Oil held recently, concluded that the antioxidants in extra virgin grade olive oil found in the Mediterranean diet showed beneficial effects for a healthier, longer lifespan.

A diet rich in olive oil may help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Nutritionists concluded that in countries where people consumed a Mediterranean diet consisting of virgin olive oil showed a significantly lower rate in cancer.

In conclusion: Olive oil is the best nutritional gift that we can receive. Olive oil helps maintain good health making our lives more enjoyable.